I Have a Well...

This is our sweet spot!  Always a challenge, well water changes with the seasons, literally and most people who find themselves with water which looks like ice tea and smells like rotten eggs worry that the beautiful house they are making their home is about to become a money pit.  It doesn't have to be!  J's Wholesale builds equipment using all the most progressive resources offered and always at an affordable price. Our goal is to have great drinking water right from any faucet and to make showering as relaxing as it should be.  We build a mini Water Treatment Plant that you own and we maintain. Our options are endless since no two wells are ever the same.

Below are a few of the systems we custom build - what is in each tank is specific to your water !!!

well system solutions

Leo Well System

This is our Deluxe Chlorination Well Package.  This mini plant begins with a No Glitch Flow Switch, Stenner variable speed pump (17gpd) and a 120 gallon Retention Tank. Using these three pieces of equipment we not only disinfect the well water but we can also oxidize any metals such as Iron by creating contact time between the Chlorine and the raw well water. The ratio of 12% Chlorine to water is specific to the minerals being oxidized.

This equipment is followed up with a 1.5 cubic foot Catalytic Carbon Tank (removes chlorine) and a 48K grain Softener.

Other Chlorination Systems are also available!

Aries Hydrogen Peroxide Well System

The best non corrosive way to disinfect water is with Hydrogen Peroxide and here it is.

This system has a much smaller footprint than the Chlorine packages and delivers the same great water in most cases. It does have restrictions on its effectiveness so a complete water analysis is needed to ensure it's the proper solution.

A micro aerator can be added to the Centaur Catalytic Carbon tank to handle up to 10 ppm of Hydrogen Sulfide and an inline Chemical Mixer takes the place of a Retention Tank.

Scorpio Iron System

When Iron is present in well water everything the water touches can turn orange or even brown; so when a disinfectant isn't needed we turn old school to an Iron Filter and Softener.

Once again, a comprehensive water analysis is essential since Tannins can be confused for Iron. An Iron Filter uses Potassium Permanganate as an oxidizer and Greensand as a filter bed.  The Softener also helps to minimize elements in the water.

All Systems Include


Our Five (5) Year Warranty on Well Equipment includes the entire system... it is not limited!  For example if the media needs to be changed during those 5 years you're only responsible for the service call.


We do our best to get it right the first time but sometimes the system needs to be tweeked.  If during the first year you are not satisfied with the water quality we will fix it at our expense, not yours.

Well Maintenance Policy

During the first year our Well Technician comes to your house once a month to service your Well Equipment. This is inclusive of all chemicals and salt.  A water analysis is also prepared at that time.  We monitor the equipment so you don't have to!